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{Full HD*} WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream {FREE}

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream: Watch Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream. Catch the live action of Royal Rumble 2017 to Watch all matches live.Every year in the month of January, the Royal Rumble is the main event of professional wrestling promotion WWE. there are many fans searching for Royal Rumble 2017 live stream sources. The WWE Royal Rumble 2017 is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event. Earlier it was shown as a television special on USA network and was not pay-per-view. The first WWE Royal Rumble was played in the year 1988 on 24th January with 20 wrestlers and the winner was Jim Duggan.

Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream

The Royal Rumble consists of the Royal Rumble matches, championship matches and many other matches. It is a part of WWE's classic four pay-per-views along with Survivor Series, WrestleMania and SummerSlam. In the year 2015, the Royal Rumble was on January 25 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Wells Fargo Centre. The Winner was Roman Reigns. The 2017 Royal Rumble is scheduled on January 29, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The venue of this will be Amway Centre. This will be the 29th event under the Royal Rumble chronology and it will also be the first pay-per-view by WWE in 2017.\

Royal Rumble 2017 Live Telecast in India Live Repeat

The live stream of WWE Wrestlemania 2017 is available here and those who are diehard fans of Royal Rumble can watch the things related to it. There are lots of things to realize on WWE and there are regular updates on this regarding the engravings and fights which are coming near. 

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 is all set to rock the stage on 29th January 2017 and the fans are super excited to watch the moments again right before the biggest WWE event starts. Here we are providing you with the latest information. All the fans of WWE Royal Rumble can watch this online and can use these sources to catch the live action. We are providing you with some alternatives of the official website for WWE Royal Rumble 2017 so that you are able to make most of the live matches.

The format of this mega event is that the match is played in a single ring between 30 men. But all the 30 wrestlers don't enter the ring at the same time. First 2 wrestlers come to the ring and then after every 90 seconds, a new player enters the ring and it continues till the 30th wrestler enters the ring.

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Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream

There is still some time left for the WWE Royal Rumble 2017 but speculations and rumours regarding the possible winner have started already. There are many chances of winning of Dean Ambrose and sapping it to the Shield Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 32. Other contender who is at top list of possible winners is Roman Reigns. He is currently feuding with Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns is a top contender to win again.

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{Top 5*} Five Matches to Expect at WWE Royal Rumble 2017

Expected Matches at WWE Royal Rumble 2017

Royal Rumble is one of the biggest main events in WWE and unarguably the biggest draws that happen annually. WWE Royal Rumble 2017 is the first pay per view event that happens in New Year and consists of high profile matches including 30 men Royal Rumble match. The stakes of each match is high and one can expect a lot of action in Royal Rumble match. 

Upcoming Royal Rumble 2017 is going to take place in Alamodome and will be happening in January 2017. With many new stars up in the ranks of raw and smack down, one can expect incredibly appealing matches booked for the most anticipated PPV event of 2017. Below are top 5 matches which you can expect at Royal Rumble 2017.  We have also written a detailed post on WWE Royal Rumble 2017 predictions. Do check it out now!

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Rematch

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

After a disappointing match in WWE Survivor Series, one can expect another rematch between two heavyweights of WWE at Royal Rumble. In the latest appearance, Goldberg has already announced that he will be competing in Royal Rumble while Brock Lesner is also expected to appear in Royal Rumble. It could be a great match two of the strongest WWE superstars of all time.

Undertaker VS AJ Styles

Undertaker Vs Aj Styles

Another match that is rumored to be appearing is between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. Undertaker has been away from any major appearance since long time and is expected to make a strong comeback. Also one can expect Undertaker to retire soon so it would be a good chance that he will be coming for the WWE title which is currently with AJ Styles. It would be a dream match for WWE fans.

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose

Ambrose and Cena were last seen together against each other in No Mercy in a triple threat match along with AJ Styles. It was a fascinating match between all three competitors and one can expect John Cena to make a comeback to smack down and WWE with yet another competitive match with Dean Ambrose in Royal Rumble 2017.

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

This could be one of the most unexpected yet possible matches in Royal Rumbel 2017. It is a matter of time when friendship between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho implodes. It could be a decisive match and we could see even Universal Championship be on the line when these two friends become enemy of each other. This could be one of the anticipated matches in Royal Rumble 2017.

Triple H vs Seth Rollins

Triple H vs Seth Rollins

After not supporting Seth Rollins in the match against Kevin Owens for the Universal title, one can expect yet another match in Royal Rumble. Seth Rollins has been looking for a payback and WWE is waiting for a main event to bring Triple H back in the scenes. One can expect a yet another comeback from Triple H and it could be with a match between Seth Rollins and Triple H. 

One can expect number of high profile matches in Royal Rumble 2017 results. So gear up for this most anticipated main event of 2017.

{Right*} Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions & Spoilers! Who Will Win?

Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions

2017 Royal Rumble is scheduled to happen on 29th Jan 2017 in San Antonio. It is one of the most popular events in World Wrestling Entertainment and also the most anticipated pay per view event. One of the major attractions of the match is 30 men Royal Rumble match in which two superstars start the match and after every three minutes, another superstar enters the ring.

The only way to win this match is to eliminate your opponents by throwing them over the top rope with their feet touching the ground. There is no pin fall or submission in this match and the last man standing in the ring gets the chance to highlight WrestleMania 33.

WWE Royale Rumble 2017 Predictions are Here!

Predicting a winner of Royal Rumble match is always close to impossible as everyone has a chance to win the match. But here we have shared name of top 5 possible winners and predictions based on the popularity of superstar and possible winner of 2017 Royal Rumble match.


One of the most popular and crowd favorite superstar currently is Goldberg. After winning against Brock Lesner within a minute in Survivor Series, he is all set to make a comeback with another match in Royal Rumble. WWE has invested a lot in getting Goldberg back and one of the major fascinations could be to make Goldberg win the Royal Rumble match and highlight WrestleMania 2017. The stakes are high and Goldberg has already indicated his wishes to compete for the WWE title so we may see him win the battle royal.

Brock Lesner

Another confirmed entrant of Royal Rumble 2017 is Brock Lesner. Lesner is all set to compete in the same match as Goldberg and we may see both the superstars face each other in the 30 men Battle Royal match. It would be a highly anticipated match given the fact Goldberg and Brock Lesner will be competing.

John Cena

Cena has been missing since long time and WWE is waiting to plan a perfect comeback for John Cena. He is clearly a favorite superstar and WWE fans are already waiting for his comeback. What could be better than making a comeback in Royal Rumble 2017 and win the important match.

Fin Balor

Nobody made a strong comeback in WWE than Fin Balor. The all popular Fin Balor a.k.a Demon King is one of the most popular WWE superstars of 2016 and he missed out due to injury as he gave up his Universal Championship. WWE is looking to stage his comeback and he could very well be a surprise package for WWE fans in Royal Rumble 2017.

Seth Rollins

Seth is definitely the babyface of WWE and he is definitely one of the major contenders to fight for the Royal Rumble 2017 and win the match. WWE can make him win the Royal Rumble match and can schedule his match against Triple H in WrestleMania for the title.

With so many possible winners of Royal Rumble 2017, it is expected to be an exciting match and one can expect a competitive match among 30 men for the Royal Rumble 2017.

[5 SuperStar*} You Would Love to See in Royal Rumble 2017

5 Returns in Royal Rumble 2017?  The rating numbers are dropping to a record low and it is observed that the current ratings are the lowest in the last 20 years with regards to Raw and Smackdown. A difference can be made if the wrestlers who are out currently but were stars at one point and if given the opportunity, can boost the ratings of WWE Royal Rumble 2017.

Superstars Are Just to Boost WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Ratings?

Return of the Dudley Boyz to WWE aroused much popularity and there are some more wrestlers who can gain the interest of fans again if given opportunity. Here are the five returns that could boost WWE Royal Rumble ratings:

#1 The Hardy Brothers

Hardy Brothers Royal Rumble 2016

The Attitude Era has two big stars, Matt and Jeff Hardy. They represent one of the best teams in the history of the WWE. Their return in WWE can give the much-needed boost for sure. Both of them are part of the TNA roster currently. In the year 2015, they won the TNA tag team titles but after Jeff broke his leg, they have to vacate it. Matt won the TNA World HeavyWeight title from Ethan Carter III but in the next week, he had to vacate it forcefully. 

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#2 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble 2016

In 2015, Daniel Bryan made a short comeback in the Royal Rumble and won the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania but soon he disappeared. He has been given medical clearance from his doctors but within WWE, the physicians are not ready to sign him off for a return. There is a lack of stars at the top of the card of the company and he could add some star power to the main event scene. 

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#3 Rey Mysterio

There could a surprise return of Rey Mysterio to the WWE Royal Rumble. He is one of the most exciting in-ring talents of the WWE. He has an unmatched high-flying style and is trusted by many companies. His return would definitely produce some outstanding matches. It is true to say that Rey Mysterio needs WWE and simultaneously WWE also needs him.
Rey Mysterio Vs Kurt Angle WWE Royal Rumble

#4 Kurt Angle

A statement was made by him that WWE tried to sign him to a contract earlier this year but he refused as they want him to work full time. But then he signed a contract with TNA. He is the former World HeavyWeight Champion and a former massive star in the WWE. He has the potential to boost the ratings with his return for sure. 

#5 Bill Goldberg

Goldberg WWE Royal Rumble 2016

He is one of the true megastars of biggest boom period of wrestling and is an absolute beast that could boost WWE ratings. If he is to be returned in the Royal Rumble 2017, each and every WWE fan will surely watch the mega event even if he/she is not interested in any of the matches. Well, that's what Goldberg is for you. We hope that the fans could get a chance to see him once after a long time at the Royal Rumble 30 man match. 

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10 WWE Superstars To SURPRISE YOU in Royal Rumble 2017

With WWE Royal Rumble 2017 right around the corner, it’s the right time to think about potential winners. It's actually not too early and WWE fans must consider this. All the fans want to know about the person who will raise his arm in Orlando on January 24. They are willing to get an answer to this.

Top 10 Superstars of Royal Rumble 2017

Here we have tried to give you the list of 10 WWE superstars who could win. The centrepiece of the WWE calendar is the winner of the Royal Rumble main events WrestleMania. In WWE, it is predicted that Seth Rollins may be the winner of WWE Champion for 500 days but there should be a quality opponent to him with whom he can fight the epic main event match. It is very much true that this year, the Royal Rumble is huge and you will find it worth spending some time. So let's start the countdown in reverse manner of those who are capable of winning the Royal Rumble 2017.

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#10 Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose Royal Rumble 2016

There were stellar set of matches between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the World Championship. He is in WWE film which indicates that the company finds him potential and sees money in him. It is for sure that if Ambrose is allowed some space for breaking out, he can be a potential Rumble winner.

#9 Bray Wyatt

Royal Rumble 2016 Winner Bray Wyatt

Roman Reigns was the winner of Rumble 2015 and if Wyatt emerges victorious with him, then there are many chances that Wyatt can actually win Rumble 2017. And that could be huge turnover in the results of Royal Rumble 2017.

#8 Kewin Owens

Kevin Owens definitely has something which WWE knows very well. He is only the true heel on the roster of WWE and this is associated with easy arguments. It would be fresh switch of Triple H wanted to pull the master stroke and switch the belt to him. 

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#7 Finn Balor

He is the guy with terrific talent and skilled enough to pull off working as an underdog babyface in a battle royal. The Big Show believed him to be chokeslammed over the top but he is able to keep both feet from hitting the floor. It is possible to turn Balor from NXT Championship to Last Action Hero in one match. Brock wants to go to WrestleMania and it would be fun if Brock is given a fresh opponent in the form of Balor.

#6 Ryback

Ryback is a company guy who when asked anything does so without questioning authority. It is quite possible that if Vince McMahon has the book again in WWE, then he will give strong push behind Ryback. This will make bright chances for Ryback to win the 2017 Royal Rumble.

#5 John Cena

John Cena Royal Rumble 2016 Results

If John Cena is well rested and we think he will be by January, then there are many chances of him winning the 2017 Royal Rumble. He had great matches with Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Stardust and others in this year.

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#4 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has proven himself in 2015 and it is evident that he has the potential to be the Champion of 2017 Royal Rumble. In the last year's main event, there was a connective tie in Reigns vs Rollins so it would be good to consider him as a potential winner.

#3 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has not win the Royal Rumble yet but his wins over the past two years can make Vince and company to pull the trigger now. One of the main events of Wrestlemania is booking Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins or Brock Lesnar.

#2 The Rock

The Rock at Royal Rumble 30 Men Match

It would be correct to say that the wrestling fans would love to see playing of music of The Rock while Roman Reigns is standing alone in the ring after eliminating like six dudes at the Royal Rumble. It would be fun to watch Rock vs Triple H at this mega event.

#1 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Live

It may be Brock Lesnar against Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania if he wins the 30 match game. This would be a pleasure for the fans to see this. And we know that everyone wants to see Brock Lesnar again and again after ending the streak at Wrestlemania 30 by defeating The Undertaker.

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So these are the 10 surprise entries that we could predict can win in WWE Wrestlemania 33. If you think there are any players who are capable of competing in the upcoming Royal Rumble, do comment below and share your thoughts.