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[5 SuperStar*} You Would Love to See in Royal Rumble 2017

5 Returns in Royal Rumble 2017?  The rating numbers are dropping to a record low and it is observed that the current ratings are the lowest in the last 20 years with regards to Raw and Smackdown. A difference can be made if the wrestlers who are out currently but were stars at one point and if given the opportunity, can boost the ratings of WWE Royal Rumble 2017.

Superstars Are Just to Boost WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Ratings?

Return of the Dudley Boyz to WWE aroused much popularity and there are some more wrestlers who can gain the interest of fans again if given opportunity. Here are the five returns that could boost WWE Royal Rumble ratings:

#1 The Hardy Brothers

Hardy Brothers Royal Rumble 2016

The Attitude Era has two big stars, Matt and Jeff Hardy. They represent one of the best teams in the history of the WWE. Their return in WWE can give the much-needed boost for sure. Both of them are part of the TNA roster currently. In the year 2015, they won the TNA tag team titles but after Jeff broke his leg, they have to vacate it. Matt won the TNA World HeavyWeight title from Ethan Carter III but in the next week, he had to vacate it forcefully. 

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#2 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble 2016

In 2015, Daniel Bryan made a short comeback in the Royal Rumble and won the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania but soon he disappeared. He has been given medical clearance from his doctors but within WWE, the physicians are not ready to sign him off for a return. There is a lack of stars at the top of the card of the company and he could add some star power to the main event scene. 

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#3 Rey Mysterio

There could a surprise return of Rey Mysterio to the WWE Royal Rumble. He is one of the most exciting in-ring talents of the WWE. He has an unmatched high-flying style and is trusted by many companies. His return would definitely produce some outstanding matches. It is true to say that Rey Mysterio needs WWE and simultaneously WWE also needs him.
Rey Mysterio Vs Kurt Angle WWE Royal Rumble

#4 Kurt Angle

A statement was made by him that WWE tried to sign him to a contract earlier this year but he refused as they want him to work full time. But then he signed a contract with TNA. He is the former World HeavyWeight Champion and a former massive star in the WWE. He has the potential to boost the ratings with his return for sure. 

#5 Bill Goldberg

Goldberg WWE Royal Rumble 2016

He is one of the true megastars of biggest boom period of wrestling and is an absolute beast that could boost WWE ratings. If he is to be returned in the Royal Rumble 2017, each and every WWE fan will surely watch the mega event even if he/she is not interested in any of the matches. Well, that's what Goldberg is for you. We hope that the fans could get a chance to see him once after a long time at the Royal Rumble 30 man match. 

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